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Active pets can overheat in the sun. You can enjoy summer and protect your pet from the dangers of heatstroke.

“I took Raylan to the Poppy Festival this year” says Dr Brianna Armstrong. “We were there for a short time, so I didn’t think about the heat. Raylan needed water and I didn’t bring any.” 

“She overheated. She drank a large bottle of water, I put the car AC on full blast, and we headed home.”

Even those of us in the industry can be surprised by a reaction to heat. 

Here are 3 ways to keep your 4-legged friend safe while outdoors.

#1: Fit your dog with a cooling vest
Your pooch can wear cooling vests for dogs while running around. They help manage body heat.

-Wet the vest, place it on your pet, and allow the water to evaporate.
-Once the vest dries out, rewet it.
-Some vests also protect against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. We recommend these brands for our Central Texas climate.

#2: Create a pool oasis
A wading pool lets your pet splash around to cool off.

-Your dog only needs a few inches of water to cool down.
-If your pet is hesitant, bribe them with toys, treats, and chews.

#3: Make a Pupsicle
Icy treats: Refresh your pal with a
DIY dog treat to help them chill out. Mix peanut butter, plain yogurt (with no sugar/xylitol), and water, and pop into an ice cube tray in the freezer.

Stuffed Kongs: Stuff a rubber Kong with your pet’s favorite treat mixture, like peanut butter or squeeze cheese. Toss the Kong in the freezer for a few hours until it’s solid and ready to enjoy.

It’s summertime and the living is easy. Beat the heat with your best friend staying cool and healthy at your side.

If your pet heats up and can’t cool down, call us immediately. Bringing your pet to the vet should be your first priority. If you can’t get to us, we have steps you can take to try and help your pet.

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