The holidays can be stressful for humans, but what about our pets?

October is a good time to find ways to reduce your pet’s fear, stress, and anxiety from Halloween through New Year’s. When your dog or cat is less anxious, you’ll have more fun, too!

During trick-or-treating hours, sit outside without your dog to decrease the anxiety that comes from constant doorbell ringing and kids running up in their costumes. If you’re going to dress your pet in a costume, keep it brief! And always keep candy in a place where your dog and cat can’t reach it, we would hate for you to have to make an unexpected visit to the ER that night!

Over Thanksgiving and Christmas, watch your pets (both cats and dogs) as people come and go from your parties and family gatherings. This can be stressful for some dogs as well as cats. Play calming music in the house and use pet pheromone diffusers to give them that extra sense of security. Learn the signs of when your pet has had too much, and other ways you can help (links below). Also, many pets sneak out the door and get lost. If your pet isn’t microchipped, now is a good time to invest in one since many pets are los at this time of year. And, if your pet does have a microchip is a good time to make sure your information is updated. Come to Firehouse to get your pets information updated today!

New Year’s fireworks are stressful for most dogs. Keeping your dog in a room without windows, turn on dog friendly calming music, use pet pheromone diffusers, and keep them distracted by giving pet friendly treats like frozen peanut butter smeared inside a Kong toy. And, don’t think these are the only tricks we have to keep your pet safe during the holiday season. If you need help, please give us a call!

If you do need to visit the vet during the holiday season, know that 90% of Firehouse Animal Health Center’s team is getting “Fear Free Certified.” This means that everyone from our Customer Service Representatives who greet you when you enter the hospital to vet technicians and doctors have been trained in methods to relax cats and dogs during vet visits.

When pets are fearful, anxious, or stressed, they tend to show it in many different forms such as aggression, acting timid, and even showing excitement. Fear Free Certification has taught the Firehouse team to recognize when your pet needs some extra time and TLC, helping your pet feel calm and comfortable during visits.

Since Firehouse is focused on preventative medicine, we encourage annual check-ups to catch disease early or prevent it entirely. If you’re worried about your pet’s reaction to the vet, please know that a visit to Firehouse can be a fear-free visit.

Please know that Firehouse is here to help! Learn more about the Fear Free Certification here.

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