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Hello, dear readers. We have a heartwarming story to share with you. Just in time for the holidays. Grab your hot cocoa (or iced tea since it’s 75 degrees outside) and gather round.

Our tale is about a pup with 2 broken legs, a winning personality, and a healthy tail.

A Sunday Surprise

Someone abandoned this lil’ guy on the grassy spot right in front of Firehouse Animal Health Center in Round Rock on November 21st. The medical team was away since it was Sunday morning, but the Firehouse Pet Resort team immediately called Dr Hunter Bowen, the Medical Director, who came to help.

Did the person who left this puppy in front of Firehouse know Dr Bowen or Haley, the Hospital Manager? Did they know about our huge hearts❤️? Perhaps. Maybe it was luck🍀.

The Firehouse team went to work: the puppy needed a name and a check-up. 

The name was easy. Pet Resort Attendant Sarah Benson chose Gator since he munched on food and toys in quick succession.

X-rays show Gator’s fractured Femur and a fractured Humerus.


Healing Gator’s Legs

The check-up was more complicated. X-rays showed a fractured Femur and a fractured Humerus. Dr Bowen and Haley coordinated with the experts at the local emergency specialty vet hospital named CTVSEH (Central Texas Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital).

The Firehouse team gave Gator all the care he needed before surgery and then drove him to CTVSEH to have his fractures repaired. He rode back home to Firehouse the day after surgery with Dr Bowen (who forgot to take his kennel but luckily drives a Dad Car).

Gator’s face says it all: surgery’s no fun.

The whole Firehouse Round Rock team helped care for Gator through the Thanksgiving holiday and beyond. Firehouse became his home and the team became his family for the time his bones needed to heal.

It cost $9,000 to mend Gator’s legs and give him all the care he needed afterward, though that was a small price to get to watch his personality come out as his legs felt better.

Resting in Firehouse Pet Resort’s sunny play yard after surgery at CTVSEH

A Home for the Holidays

Dr Bowen was planning to ask WILCO (Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter) for help getting Gator adopted once healthy. 

WILCO was happy to help, but fate stepped in when a client happened to be at Firehouse, met Gator, fell in love with him, and asked to adopt him. 

This client lost both their dogs in 2021 and have 2 sons who asked Santa for a new one.  

The boys chose a new name for Gator. He’s now called Theo. And he’s found his forever family. 

We couldn’t be happier. Our goal is to help every abandoned pet to find his or her people. Yet, it’s unusual to be the first to see these cases. Normally, shelters bring us the cat or dog and we help the pet get healthy for adoption. 

Theo needed us when we met him, but we feel like we were the lucky ones because we got to help this brave not-so-little guy get back on his feet, and give one of our favorite families a very special present for the holidays.

We all play a role in making our communities healthier, safer, and happier. This is why Firehouse gives generously.

Theo’s stabilized leg X-rays. All better now. And enjoying the comforts of his new home.

Update as of 12.12.2022: It’s been 1 year since Gator (now named Theo) went home to his new family after being abandoned in front of Firehouse Pet Resort in Round Rock in November 2021. Theo is thriving! Here he is at his 1-year Gotcha Day. He loves basketballs, his sister, and treats.

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