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Our New Year’s Resolutions – A note from 2 pets ✏️
(5 ways to love us more in ‘23)

Read: 1.5 min It’s us—Juniper & Raja. You might have seen us on the Firehouse magnet. We’re Firehouse pets and official mascots. 😊  We’ve noticed this time each year that you make a list of ways to improve your life. It seems like a great idea! On behalf of your...

Pet-proof your holiday decor
How to keep your cats and dogs off the Naughty List

1 min read Decorated Christmas trees and a fully lit menorah or kinara are showstoppers. Ornaments, lights, and seasonal scents add to the festive feeling of the season. They also seem like shiny new playthings to your curious pet. When decorating your home for the...

A Feast for All Beasts
Safe Thanksgiving Foods for Your Pet

1 min read Charlie Brown always shared Thanksgiving with Snoopy. If you plan carefully, your pets can join in on the holiday too. Some human foods are unsafe for pets. Yet, plain ingredients (or single ingredients) are fine. Avoid a Thanksgiving trip to the ER with...

Routine lab tests keep your cat or dog in their prime
We recommend the best ones below

1.5 min read When Patrick ate Sago Palm roots this summer, his mom knew she had to rush him to the ER. Sago Palms are toxic to dogs and most attractive (and easy to eat!) when recently dug up.  Luckily, Patrick is now fine and his personality has returned to normal. ...

If You Are Facing the Loss of Your Pet
When your pet dies, we are here with answers and support

2min read     Sean’s older cat Gracie limped with pain. She began to bump into walls and urinate in the living room. Then, when Sean’s younger cat began to groom Gracie, he realized it was time to prepare for her death. Our cats and dogs are family, so it’s...

Does your pet have back-to-school jitters?
Help your pet get back to our regularly scheduled program.

1 min read Chloe started hiding shoes around the house. That’s when her pet parents knew something was up. Saying hello to fall includes a shift in routines   Structured schedules, commitments, and fresh classmates become the new normal. Believe it or not, pets...

6 Signs Your Pet Has Allergies
Dogs suffer more often than cats

2 min read Mort the pug suffers from allergies all year long. His mom, Vet Tech Maria, controls his allergies using medicated baths and Cytopoint injections.  Allergies are no joke. And pets can’t tell us how they feel. Yet, they're manageable in most cases. Keep your...

Pet Allergies Happen All Year Long
Know the triggers to prevent suffering

1 min read Allergens are small particles that our bodies might react to. Allergens enter a pet’s body through their skin, ears, and nose. Dogs can suffer from allergies all year long. Year-round triggers include: -Environmental elements: grass, cedar, mold, pollen....

Protect Your Pup From Heat Exhaustion
Keep your cool pet from turning into a hot dog this summer

1.5 min read Active pets can overheat in the sun. You can enjoy summer and protect your pet from the dangers of heatstroke. “I...

Head off a heat emergency
If your pet has heatstroke, stay cool and take these steps

1.5 min read Watch your pet for signs of overheating when outdoors. If you notice them staggering, becoming weak, or collapsing, contact...
A Heartwarming Holiday Story: Gator the Puppy Finds a Home

A Heartwarming Holiday Story: Gator the Puppy Finds a Home

2.5 min read Hello, dear readers. We have a heartwarming story to share with you. Just in time for the holidays. Grab your hot cocoa (or iced tea since it’s 75 degrees outside) and gather round. Our tale is about a pup with 2 broken legs, a winning personality, and a...

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4 Halloween Treats to Keep Away from Your Pet

4 Halloween Treats to Keep Away from Your Pet

10/21/2021 | 2 min read Staying safe on Halloween doesn’t need to be tricky.  Celebrate the spookiest night of the year by keeping your pet away from these hazards:    #1: Candy bags and wrappers  Bags and wrappers can be as dangerous to your pet as the treats...

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How to Recognize Pain in Your Cat

How to Recognize Pain in Your Cat

Even though house cats have been domesticated for 10,000 years, their instincts still tell them to hide their vulnerabilities.Cats are stoic. This trait can make it hard to know when they're in pain.Your cat may experience pain for many reasons: joint issues, tooth...

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Vacationing With Pets  8 tips for traveling with your pet

Vacationing With Pets
8 tips for traveling with your pet

Distracting your dog is a great way to keep him calm during a long road trip.Quick travel tips in any season -Research veterinarians and pet-friendly hotels before leaving home. A veterinarian should be within 30 minutes of your final destination. Ask hotels about...

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