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Safety strategies for living with a deaf dog
Guidelines for owners of pets with hearing impairments

Franklin’s family realized he was hard of hearing soon after they adopted him. “We learned he might have hearing issues when he was just a puppy,” says Katie, Franklin’s mom.

Grass-eating in dogs
7 possible causes you should know

3 min read Milo is a 6-month-old mini Bernadoodle who really likes to chew on grass in his mom’s lawn. “I think Milo eats grass for...

When should you spay or neuter your kitten?
Research shows cats stay healthiest when procedure is completed by 5 months

We first reported new recommendations for spaying and neutering cats by 5 months in January 2021. We continue to support these guidelines from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).   Research shows the...

Can You Trust Dr Google?
Your Vet's Input Matters Most

2 min read  “A client turned to Google after they found a bump on their pet’s stomach. Dr Google warned it could be cancer,” says Maria, a Vet Tech at Firehouse Round Rock. “Turns out it was just a nipple.” Many pet owners turn to the internet for help when it comes...

A 2023 Guide: Vaccinations for Cats and Dogs
Our careful, common sense approach. Customized for your pet.

3.5 minute read Firehouse customizes immunization plans for each pet. We’ll chat at your pet’s yearly check-up. Then, we recommend only the vaccines your pet needs based on your lifestyle and environment. Our advice is conservative and based on common sense. Vaccines...

Seeking a Lost Cat or Dog?
4 Ways to Track Them Down

2 min read  More pets go missing during July 4th fireworks celebrations than at any other time of the year. The loud bangs and pops scare both dogs and cats.   We’ve written tips to help pets feel safe and secure during Independence Day festivities.  In this blog,...

A Guide to Pet Safety on Boats and Lakes
Stay safe by planning ahead

2 min read “I bought a doggy life jacket for Mort last summer,” says Maria, a Vet Tech at Firehouse Round Rock. “I taught him to swim and then did lots of trial runs in the life jacket to ensure he was comfortable before outings to Lake Austin. I also made sure the...

Why it is Important to Microchip Your Pet
Always be sure you can find your pet

3 min read   “Last Thanksgiving, a senior chihuahua found her way into my grandma’s backyard,” says Alix, a Veterinary Technician at Firehouse Round Rock. “It was cold and rainy. Thankfully, we saw her quickly and brought her inside to warm her up.  "I took her to...

The Effects of Stress on Your Cat
You know your pet best. Call us if you see strange behavior.

4 min read   “Vayda is my oldest of 3 cats,” says Rose, a Vet Tech at Firehouse Round Rock. “She is 7-years-old and doesn’t enjoy being in the cat carrier or in the car. She vomits, urinates, and cries from stress.  With the help of her doctor, we’ve found a...

Traveling in 2023 with Your Pet
How to vacation with your cat and dog

3 min read “Mufasa was a rockstar on our 19-hour drive from Wisconsin to Texas,” says Maria, a vet tech at Firehouse Round Rock. “I brought warm blankets, pillows, a travel-size litter box, and lots of entertainment.” Here are tips to prepare for any adventure with...
5 Tips for Senior Cats  Easy ways to protect your best bud

5 Tips for Senior Cats
Easy ways to protect your best bud

1 min read   Cayli never imagined her cat would end up with just one tooth. Cayli, a vet tech,, wishes she knew the importance of dental care when Midnight was young.  “It wasn’t something I ever really thought about,” says Cayli. Midnight has had all her teeth...

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My pet ate poison. Now what?  The 5 things to do next

My pet ate poison. Now what?
The 5 things to do next

1 min read If you suspect your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have eaten, don’t panic. Many pets eat toxins. We won’t judge you over the item or substance. Life happens. We’re here to help. Step 1: Find the packaging. It helps to have the product packaging so...

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