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Does your pet have back-to-school jitters?
Help your pet get back to our regularly scheduled program.

1 min read Chloe started hiding shoes around the house. That’s when her pet parents knew something was up. Saying hello to fall includes a shift in routines Structured schedules, commitments, and fresh classmates become the new normal. Believe it or not, pets pick up...

6 Signs Your Pet Has Allergies
Dogs suffer more often than cats

2 min read Mort the pug suffers from allergies all year long. His mom, Vet Tech Maria, controls his allergies using medicated baths and Cytopoint injections.  Allergies are no joke. And pets can’t tell us how they feel. Yet, they're manageable in most cases. Keep your...

Pet Allergies Happen All Year Long
Know the triggers to prevent suffering

1 min read Allergens are small particles that our bodies might react to. Allergens enter a pet’s body through their skin, ears, and nose. Dogs can suffer from allergies all year long. Year-round triggers include: -Environmental elements: grass, cedar, mold, pollen....

Protect Your Pup From Heat Exhaustion
Keep your cool pet from turning into a hot dog this summer

1.5 min read Active pets can overheat in the sun. You can enjoy summer and protect your pet from the dangers of heatstroke. “I...

Head off a heat emergency
If your pet has heatstroke, stay cool and take these steps

1.5 min read Watch your pet for signs of overheating when outdoors. If you notice them staggering, becoming weak, or collapsing, contact...

Our Careful and Common Sense Approach to Vaccines
We Customize the Plan for Your Dog and Cat

3.5 minute read Firehouse customizes vaccine plans for each pet. We’ll chat at your pet’s yearly check-up. Then, we recommend only the vaccines your pet needs based on your lifestyle and environment. Our advice is conservative and based on common sense. Vaccines are...

5 Tips for Senior Cats
Easy ways to protect your best bud

1 min read   Cayli never imagined her cat would end up with just one tooth. Cayli, a vet tech,, wishes she knew the importance of dental care when Midnight was young.  “It wasn’t something I ever really thought about,” says Cayli. Midnight has had all her teeth...

5 ways to nurture your senior pet
Make the most of your companion’s golden years

3 min read My dog named Saki was 12 when she crossed over the rainbow bridge. She was white with a big brown spot on her back,” says Dr Briana Armstrong at Firehouse Round Rock. “Her tail would wag madly when I walked into the room and soon, her whole bottom would...

Ticks are Little. They Spread Big Diseases
Protect your cat and dog with preventive medicine

2.5 min read “I had a patient with two ticks burrowed so deeply inside the ear canal, we couldn’t safely remove them without sedation,” says Dr Rebecca Davies. “We gave the dog a dose of Bravecto, and within a few hours, the ticks crawled out on their own.” Ticks are...

My pet ate poison. Now what?
The 5 things to do next

1 min read If you suspect your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have eaten, don’t panic. Many pets eat toxins. We won’t judge you over the item or substance. Life happens. We’re here to help. Step 1: Find the packaging. It helps to have the product packaging so...
Vacationing With Pets  8 tips for traveling with your pet

Vacationing With Pets
8 tips for traveling with your pet

Distracting your dog is a great way to keep him calm during a long road trip.Quick travel tips in any season -Research veterinarians and pet-friendly hotels before leaving home. A veterinarian should be within 30 minutes of your final destination. Ask hotels about...

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