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Car seats for dogs? You bet.
Buckle Fluffy into a harness to keep him (and you) safe on the road

Firehouse & Firehouse Pet Resort client, Remus, was safe in a recent car accident thanks to his car carrier. He wears his harness to and from all classes and playdates.We’ve all smiled upon seeing a dog’s happy face leaning out the car window and enjoying the...

How to keep your cat safe on car rides
Three tips for easier road trips (near and far)

For safe transport, put you cat in a hard-shell carrier in the back seat of the car. Secure the carrier with the seat belt. You can also push the passenger seat all the way back, sandwiching the carrier between front and back seats.After 200+ foster kittens, Kelly Erb...

Don’t waste money! Store your pet food right.
Original packaging, room temperature and storage location matter

Dr Hunter Bowen recommends storing dog and cat food in its original packaging, on a pantry shelf.You’ve done your research and chosen the best food for your cat and dog. Avoid these 3 mistakes once you get home. Don't decant food into new canisters, which could leach...

Introducing your cat to your newborn
Pets can grow to love your new baby with a few simple tricks

Dr Adriana Mendoza welcomed her baby girl in November 2020. She acclimated her cat before and after the birth so the two could become friends.Bringing a new baby into the house can be exciting but could also mean extra stress on your pets. Cats, fairly or unfairly,...

Your dog’s age just got a little more exact
Researchers have a new formula to replace the “7 dog years = 1 human year” calculation

Our docs can offer advice on habits that promote a long, happy, healthy lifeNew research shows that dogs age in spurts as their DNA changes. Dogs still age faster than humans. However, they don’t age in a straight line like previously believed. As dogs age, their...

Humping: dogs mount for more than sexual reasons
There’s no reason to be embarrassed, but action is required if it’s constant

Male and female dogs hump buddies due to sexual instinct, to play, or to command control. Call us if this has become a habit for your pet.Is there anything more awkward than your dog humping another dog at the park? Perhaps sniffing a guest’s groin.  But we’re here to...

Non-anesthetic dental procedures don’t work
Anesthesia is safe and provides your pet with a stress-free and pain-free cleaning.

*filmed before COVID Cats and dogs won't sit still for a dental cleaning. Anesthesia is the only way a vet can remove disease-causing bacteria from your pet’s teeth and gums.Recently, we’ve seen non-anesthetic dental procedures promoted for pets. Don’t believe the...

New guidelines: fix your cat by 5 months
Cats can live longer when spayed or neutered one month earlier

Raj the cat might look a bit nervous, but really Feline Fix by 5 is a more humane option: It reduces disease, improves behavior and controls unwanted cat populations.Research indicates a decrease in cancer, behavioral issues, overpopulation, and infections. Firehouse...

Cats and dogs hate New Year’s Eve fireworks
Your pet’s ears are sensitive to sound

Dr Rebecca Davies says her dog named Miss Piggy doesn’t have anxiety. Dr Davies will still take her for a longer walk on December 31st to tire her out before New Year’s Eve fireworks.Loud bangs and pops scare pets and can make a well-behaved pet misbehave or run away....

Firehouse awarded top Austin workplace
For the third year, your veterinary hospital ranked among the best places to work

Our win is your win: a happy team can focus on keeping your pets healthy! It’s also confirmation that our behind-the-scenes team building is working. Your pet benefits when our team feels valuable Every team member knows they're an important part of fulfilling our...

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